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Ladies Auxiliary Unit 408 Officers

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Ladies Auxiliary Unit 408 Officers

President:  Melissa Burton   316-644-7349

Duties: The unit president must be an able and qualified leader, for she represents the Auxiliary in her community, and its success or failure depends largely upon her. She should act in a supervisory capacity, be familiar with the duties of all officers and committee chairmen and encourage and inspire them in their work. It is the responsibility of the President to see that all offices are supplied with all available information and material from Department and National Headquarters for efficient promotion of their various activities.

The Unit President has many duties. She should preside at all meetings of the Unit and the Unit Executive Committee; require strict adherence to the Constitution, Bylaws and rule and regulations established by the National and Department Convention, National and Department Executive Committees and the Unit itself; appoint members of standing committees and create such other committees as are necessary; appoint all non-elected officers, and perform all duties which are assigned to her office.

1st Vice President:  Karon Ramirez   

Duties: The Vice President is given the responsibility, with the President, for complete development of the Unit program. The vice-President should be prepared to preside at meetings in the absence of the President.

Secretary:  Delora Malone   316-518-4174

Duties: The duties of the Unit Secretary are administrative, and she occupies a pivotal position around which all the activities of the Unit revolve, she should be efficient and well-informed on all phases of the Unit, Department and National activities and requirements and be capable of giving authentic information on organization matters. The secretary makes a record of all business transacted at each meeting and of the executive board and presents her minutes for approval at the next meeting.

Treasurer:  Delora Malone   316-518-4174

Duties: The Unit Treasurer should handle all Unit funds, collect dues from members and make remittances of Department and National dues and special funds to Department Headquarters monthly. A simplified accounting system has been designed for Unit use, and a set of these books can be obtained from National Headquarters at a small cost. An efficient Unit Treasurer is essential to the smooth functioning of the Unit.

Historian:  Rose Sullivan   316-522-0955

Duties: The Unit Historian is charged with the responsibility of recording the activities and accomplishments of her Unit during her term of office. The writing of a Unit or Department history is a very important assignment. Through the years the recorded experiences of those women who served before us have guided the footsteps of those who followed.

Chaplin:  Rose Sullivan   316-522-0955

Duties: The duties of the Unit Chaplain are to pronounce the invocation and the benediction at Auxiliary meetings, as well as perform such other acts as would fall within the realm of her office as the spiritual leader of the Unit. She should conduct the memorial service when such is needed in her Unit. As the Auxiliary is composed of women of different creeds and faith, she must be a woman of tolerance and sympathy toward all.

Webmaster:  Brandon M. Trube   316-804-8324

Duties: To troubleshoot, develop, and maintain the website, and electronic services, and to educate members on its use and function.


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